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The Social Outcomes Lab (SOULAB) was established by Nazia Ahmed in 2015. After working in management consulting and senior roles in government in the health and human services sector for over a decade, Nazia felt that tackling social change needed a different approach - one where there was greater connection between technical expertise and everyday people and communities who are the beneficiaries of change. Realising that this need could be filled by specialist social impact consulting services and being fortunate enough to have built a network of amazingly talented experts who she could work with to bridge the gap between evidence and action, Nazia started the SOULAB journey.

Into our fifth year, we are proud of the work that we've been able to undertake, particularly the social change projects we've established, the friends we've made along the way and the impact that we've made on people's lives. We're excited about the things to come and look forward to a long journey together...

about us

The Social Outcomes Lab is a for purpose social impact consulting firm specialising in economics and management, social change initiative design and implementation and social enterprise support.


Our goal is to support organisations that are creating social change to make even greater impact.


We work with communities, government and companies to design and test social change initiatives, working towards achieving better outcomes for all.


Our vision is to improve the life outcomes of people living in disadvantage through the development of social ventures and the application of economics and analytics.

Why we need change...


Create real change by connecting evidence to action

Bring people together to facilitate outcomes and  achieve common goals

Inform social policy through contribution of high quality research and evidence

Build a supportive work environment that promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration

Facilitate the use and development of technology for change

"We have a lot of science fiction. We should write social fiction, use our imaginations and make it happen."


- Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Chairman, Yunus Centre. Nobel Peace Prize winner (2006).

meet our team

We have an amazing team of analysts, consultants and specialists with deep expertise in the health and human services sector. Depending on the project, we put together the best team with a mix of technical excellence in economics and management in the health and human services sector together with expertise working directly with vulnerable communities.


This combination ensures that project outcomes are underpinned by a deep understanding of the complexities associated with achieving outcomes in the human services sector and in turn project deliverables that meet the needs of our clients.


But perhaps most importantly, our team are passionate, kind and down-to-earth people who are all involved in social change and community work outside of their professional lives too.


Nazia Ahmed, Founder, Director and Economist

Nazia is a leading economist in the human services sector with over 15 years experience in management consulting and government. Prior to starting SOULAB, Nazia was Chief Economist of NSW Government's human services portfolio.


Bindiya Bijo

Social Impact Consultant

 Bindiya's expertise lies in designing and developing social ventures, with a focus on business operations. She is the co-founder of SICON and also has a strong consulting skillset.


Rosanna Jarava, Social Impact Officer

With a background in psychology and 13 years experience working in the aged care industry, Rosanna focuses on driving our social change projects. She is the co-founder of WISfilms.


Dr Rebecca Reeve,


Bec is a leading economist in the human services sector and specialises in impact assessment, economic evaluation, disability data and education outcomes. Bec is an advocate for refugee rights and dedicates her time to connecting with and assisting refugees and asylum seekers.


Dr. Sally Curtis, Business and social change expert

Sally is a lecturer and researcher at the ANU’s Research School of Management and a specialist consultant with SOULAB. Sally’s research is focused on how leaders and organisations bring about positive social change. Sally grew up in regional Australia and has a deep understanding of social issues as well as opportunities in regional and rural settings.


Hana Zaarour,


Hana is Principal psychologist and founder of Signature Psychology and Consultancy Services and a specialist consultant with SOULAB. She has extensive experience working directly with children in foster care, domestic violence survivors and individuals with challenging behaviours. Hana advises on projects in relation to mental health and also ensures that trauma-informed approaches are applied when working with vulnerable communities.


Dr. Jananie William, Actuary

Jananie is a lecturer in Actuarial Studies at the ANU and a specialist consultant with SOULAB. Jananie has significant experience working with Australian health data and undertook her PhD thesis on identifying maternal health system costs of adverse birth outcomes. Her expertise lies in using actuarial techniques to inform social policy.


Danny Mikati, Practitioner specialist

Danny is the Director and founder of Insight Community services and a specialist consultant with SOULAB. Danny brings a unique combination of direct frontline experience with strong  consulting skills. Danny is a former Sergeant in the NSW Police Force where he led the Bankstown and Canterbury Domestic Violence response team for eight years.  


Julia Lessing,


Julia is an actuary specialising in the health and human services sector. She is the Founder and Director of Guardian Actuarial and a specialist consultant with SOULAB.


Anika Nawar,

Social Impact Officer

Anika's expertise lies in storytelling using health and human services data. Anika provides business development and project management support across SOULAB projects.


Salsabil Chowdhury,

Social Impact Intern

Salsabil has a Masters in Public Administration and experienced in working in the NGO sector. Salsabil is currently SOULAB's return-to-work intern and is working on developing a new social change initiative for other women who are returning to work as a new parent.

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