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Our Services

The Social Outcomes Lab has two arms  that work together to translate  evidence into action and catalyse social change. Through our two arms, we provide a complete suite of services to assist you in maximising your social impact.

Economics and Management Consulting

Specialist economics and management consulting services for the health and human services sectors.

Action Lab

In our action lab we design, implement and test the impact of social change projects.


Economics and Management Consulting

We are experts in the economics of human services and provide a range of services to help to assist in the development and implementation of strategic efforts to achieve social impact. Some of our key offerings are described below.

Action Lab

Our Action Lab focuses on designing, implementing and testing the impact of social change initiatives in addressing complex social issues.

We follow a process that aligns with the notion that tackling social change requires innovation and experimentation with a culture of try, test and learn. 

For any social issue, we start by unpacking the issue and really understanding the underlying causes, design a new way of tackling it, prototype the solution and then measure the outcomes. 

​The lab brings together communities and stakeholders together to design, test and scale initiatives to solve key social issues. We also work with private corporations and public agencies to develop new and innovative ways to create and partner with social enterprises. 

We love the work that we do in our lab. As a result of our lab work, we have designed social change initiatives to tackle the following:

  • Persistent unemployment

  • Food waste

  • Domestic and family violence

  • Economic empowerment for CALD women

  • Loneliness among older people

  • Economic outcomes for women returning to work

From our action lab: A social change initiative to tackle unemployment, food security and waste
Action Lab

The Action Lab is where it all happens!

Improving social outcomes is complex and difficult, but not impossible. We look to the vast amount of research and analytical work that is undertaken in the human services space to inform new ways of improving social outcomes.



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our clients include

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