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Capacity building to support you in  measuring your impact 

Why capacity building for social impact measurement?

Your organisation does great work – helping people, making a difference and impacting communities. A lot of amazing work happens, but it’s not always easy to articulate the impact.


Funders increasingly require organisations to articulate the impact of the programs they are funding. Now, more than ever, it's important that organisations build their capacity to clearly articulate the impact, with a strong evidence base.

In a nutshell – impact assessment is a way of:

1. Telling your impact story

2. Demonstrating the value of your program through social return on investment

3. Explaining to funders why your program should be invested in

4. Understanding what’s working well and how you can make more of a difference

5. Letting the world know that your program is evidence-based (and if it isn't yet, you know what you          need to do to get there)

Hiring a consultant to develop a Social Impact Assessment Framework can be costly and eat into the funds of NGOs which could be better spent on helping improve outcomes for people living in disadvantage. But that doesn't mean NGOs should miss out on being able to develop impact assessment capabilities. 

How can SouLab help?

SouLab's NGO Impact Assessment Training bridges this gap.

Our extensive experience has led us to develop a robust and high-quality impact assessment process. We are also well-rehearsed in many common challenges and have strategies for navigating around them. We want to share this knowledge with NGOs, as we believe that together, we can drive better outcomes for people living in disadvantage. 


Our NGO Impact Asessment Training provides the knowledge and skills, and support for your organisation to develop your impact assessment capabilities in a way that doesn't break the bank and leaves you with a high quality social impact measurement product.

NGO Impact Assessment Training 

SouLab’s NGO Impact Assessment Training supports NGOs in developing an impact assessment tailored to their needs. Our three trainings cover the different steps in the process and are welcoming to all knowledge levels.

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Basic Training

It can be difficult to articulate impact. Developing a Theory of Change is the first step in articulating your organisation’s impact. A Theory of Change makes the link between activities and outcomes. It demonstrates how you make an impact. This workshop will teach you about impact assessments and how to undertake the first steps. We will work with you to develop a draft Theory of Change.

Format: Online

Length: 2 hours

Group size: 10 - 15 people

Price  per person: AUD 300


Intermediate Training

Your organisation has a Theory of Change, current or under development, but you are unsure if it accurately reflects the link between activities and outcomes. In this training, we will work with you to review and refine your Theory of Change to accurately reflect how you make an impact. You will also define key outcome indicators and measures, aligning with evidence-based instruments and to enable comparison with similar programs. 

Format: Online

Length: 6 weeks, 3 x 2 hours

Group size: 5 people

Price  per person: AUD 1,000


Advanced Training

Your organisation has a Theory of Change and defined outcome indicators and impact measures, but how do you measure your impact? What data should you collect? What is the best way to collect that data? This training will support you in developing your organisation’s data collection instruments and collection process. We will work with you to develop a data collection approach with validated tools. 

Format: Online

Length: 6 weeks, 3 x 2 hours

Group size: 5 people

Price  per person: AUD 1,000

Want to know more about our training offerings?

Interested in starting your social impact assessment journey?

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