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Social Impact Consulting

The Social Outcomes Lab is a for purpose social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations drive better social outcomes.

We specialise in designing and testing social change initiatives and in the economics of human services.

What social outcome do you want to improve today?

what we do

The Social Outcomes Lab is a Canberra based consulting firm dedicated to designing and creating social change through evidence, innovation and collaboration. Our goal is to do work that results in actual changes in life outcomes for people living in disadvantage.

Economics and Management Consulting

Specialist economics and management consulting services for the health and human services sectors.

Action Lab

In our action lab we design, implement and test the impact of social change projects.

NAzia's tedtalk


Back in October of 2022, Nazia Ahmed – the CEO and Founder of SOULAB - presented at TEDx Canberra: IMPACT.

She spoke about an interesting research finding of hers – asking for help, as a first step, is a central predictor of successful social outcomes. She unraveled the reasons behind why people find it difficult to ask for help and shared her personal transformative story on when and how she herself started asking for help. Her talk also discussed what each of us can do to overcome the barriers preventing us being able to ask for help and the exponential power a network can have.

Watch her TedTalk to find out more about the power of asking for help and how you can leverage it in your personal, work, and community life.

Nazia tedtalk quote.png

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For organisations that want to get involved in implementing evidence based social change initiatives. Get invited to quarterly events and regular updates on innovative social initiatives. SCN is an opportunity to be a part of a network that works together to achieve real change. 


For individuals that want to be a part of making social change happen. Joining the community means that you'll get informed on projects in your community that you can get involved in and stay updated on upcoming events.

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