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What we strive for

Making positive social impact through economics, data and social ventures

The Social Outcomes Lab is a for purpose social impact consulting firm specialising in economics and management consulting, social change initiative design and implementation and, social enterprise support.

Our goal is to support organisations that are creating social change to make even greater impact.

We work with communities, government and companies to design and test social change initiatives, working towards achieving better outcomes for all.

Our strategy 

We combine passion with

technical expertise.

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We champion social innovation.

We are committed to

working collaboratively.

Our vision

Our vision is to improve social outcomes through providing high quality economics, analytics and management consulting services to the social services sector and, establishing social ventures with and for people with lived experience.  

Why do we need change?

In Australia and all around the world, there is a lot more to do to ensure that every person is able to live their best life. These are just some statistics below. They do not capture the human costs of living in disadvantage.

1 in 8 Australians live in poverty

122,000+ Australians are homeless on any given night

46,000+ children live in out-of-home-care

Indigenous people are 2.5x more likely to be unemployed than non-Indigenous people

Our mission

Create real change by connecting evidence to action

Bring people together to facilitate outcomes and  achieve common goals

Inform social policy through contribution of high quality, person-centred evidence

Build a supportive work environment that promotes a culture of innovation, collaboration and kindness

Facilitate the use and development of technology for change

The SouLab difference

While we have strong technical expertise, our work is underpinned by our understanding and experience of working with people with lived experience. Our team comprises of people who have worked in the frontline of human services. By having a deep understanding of how lived experience such as trauma, poverty and mental health issues amongst other things can impact on behaviour and needs, we are able to navigate the complexities of the human services sector and develop analysis and insights that are meaningful and effective.

"We have a lot of science fiction. We should write social fiction, use our imaginations and make it happen."


-  Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Chairman, Yunus Centre.

Nobel Peace Prize winner (2006).

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