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The SOULAB story

Change making is a journey. This is ours. 

The Social Outcomes Lab (SOULAB) was established by Nazia Ahmed in 2015. After working in management consulting and senior roles in government in the health and human services sector for over a decade, Nazia felt that tackling social change needed a different approach - one where there was greater connection between technical expertise and everyday people and communities who are the beneficiaries of change. Realising that this need could be filled by specialist social impact consulting services and being fortunate enough to have built a network of amazingly talented experts who she could work with to bridge the gap between evidence and action, Nazia started the SOULAB journey.

Into our ninth year, we are proud of the work that we've been able to undertake, particularly the social change projects we've established, the friends we've made along the way and the impact that we've made on people's lives. We're excited about the things to come and look forward to a long journey together.

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