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From good intention to tangible impact: examining CSR practice in Australia

For the last 3 months, Bella Dai undertook an internship with SOULAB as part of the ANU CBE Internship Project. She worked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project.

CSR is a widely recognised concept that refers to the voluntary actions of corporations to address the social and environmental impacts of their business activities. The importance of CSR has grown considerably in recent years due to the increasing demand from stakeholders for higher standards of accountability and transparency from corporations. Research has shown that even a small investment in CSR initiatives can result in significant improvements in employee engagement and profitability.

This report aims to examine the current state of CSR in the Australian context. The report provides insights into the importance of CSR, the reasons why companies engage in CSR initiatives, and the challenges and opportunities that exist in implementing effective CSR practices.

From good intention to tangible impact_ examining CSR practice in Australia
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Want to hear from Bella about her internship experience? Watch now.

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