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Welcome. We are so glad you're here. 

The Social Outcomes Lab is a for-purpose Social Impact Consulting firm dedicated to helping organisations and communities drive better social outcomes.

We specialise in designing and testing social change initiatives, and the economics of human services. We are experienced multi-disciplinary consultants with strong technical expertise combined with a passion for working with and learning from people with lived experience.   

Our purpose is to create social impact and help other organisations to accelerate and enhance their social impact.


What social impact would you like to create?

Our services

The Social Outcomes Lab has two arms that work together to translate evidence into action and catalyse social change. The first arm is economic and management consulting services while the second arm is our action lab where we develop and test new social change initiatives. Through our two arms, we provide a complete suite of services to assist you in achieving your social impact goals.

Economic analysis and modelling

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Program evaluation and social impact assessment

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Social enterprise design, implementation and support

Strategy, reform and social policy design

Outcomes framework and measurement

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Human-centred design consultations

Operations and implementation support

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Not-for-Profit sector capability development

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Action lab

Our social impact updates


Missed out on SICON2023 'Our future with AI: From science fiction to social fiction'? Rewatch the eye opening panels today.

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Keep up-to-date on  SOULAB projects, highlights of the year so far, and shine the spotlight on our incredible network of consultants. 


Her Kitchen Table

Did you know we have a social enterprise? 

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